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Yacht Nation Chartering is the most fabulous way to experience, the ULTIMATE LUXURY, in ABSOLUTE FREEDOM with TOTAL PEACE OF MIND!

Exploring the best Mediterranean locations and within there, elegant sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, exceptional marine life, wellness SPA, mythical fairy places and even fancy clubs, world class restaurants and wonderful shopping. The list of exquisite choices is endless!

Unique days of luxury living on board with an array of watersports, formal haute cuisine “Gastro”, or informal “BBQ” on deck and a great selection of alternative activities ashore.

Being totally independent, with our deep knowledge of the charter market and vast experience, we provide each time, a tailor made list of available yachts, destinations, activities, and complete facilities, to totally fulfill your individual wishes and needs, making sure you get everything at the best possible price.

To assure and guarantee the success of your journey and your absolute personal safety, we personally inspect and re-inspect all yachts and crews, before we add any yacht in our charter lists and propose to you.

Whatever, Whenever and Wherever is our promise and mission!

Equally prepared and ready to deliver, we have also carefully prepared / selected integrated Concierge and Agency Services, to further create a unique and unforgettable experience with Yacht Nation. Always dedicated to our mission, which is: “YOU WORRY ABOUT NOTHING”!



You are absolutely safe here